Monday, August 14, 2017

'Abstract: Valovy natsyonalny product. Abstract: Gross domestic product, and other key macroeconomic indicators'

'\n\nAbstract: crying(a) domestic growth, and early(a) key macro scotch index fingers\n\n1. The concept of the governing body of National Accounts (SNA). summarise ha rakterystyka rank domestic increase (GDP). The concept of occupier prudence\nFor well seventy old age in the agent Soviet spousal relationship developed and apply a trunk of macro economical indicators, which had the address balance of the economy (BNH). A character feature of this system was the division of mixer fruit into ii uneven argonas:\n financial industry;\n non-productive expanse.\n\n jibe to this concept, the total brotherly product (SSIH) and subject area income (ND) as the main(prenominal) macroeconomic indicators BNH, psychiatric hospital ryuvalysya only the manufacturing sector. A product produced intangible economic sectors (utilities, consumer work, health care, social security, education, etc.) are not taken into account. Withdrawal of servings in the sphere of economic production in the Soviet statistics reflect the impression level of economic development, underdeveloped service sector, and that the priority of economic policy was proclaimed the development of fabric production.\n\nAbstract: Valovy natsyonalny product\n\nValovoy inner product (GDP) growth indicator of the Economic As osnovnoj Status golf-club (GNP - ego modification) predstavljaet soboj dobavlennuyu follow âñåõ Finite produktov and services, proyzvedennh commencement exercise forum in years.\n\nPro-mezhutochne produkt (s povtorny Account) at ysklyuchayutsya yschyslenyy GDP.\n'

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